Stone Restoration



Stone, specifically concrete, is the most common material found in buildings across the world.

Presto provides stone restoration and protection services for all types of stone. In addition to cleaning & sealing your building, our craftsman will handle all masonry repair and waterproofing needs.

Presto technicians are trusted to remedy a wide range of stone surface issues through our extensive experience, broad knowledge, and proper technique. Coupled with the correct tools and equipment, Presto is known for successfully performing stone clean & seal services on commercial buildings nationwide.

In addition to refinishing stone surfaces, we can help you with waterproofing services for commercial buildings and restoration services for historic buildings. We also offer complete building consultations


Without proper protection, exterior building stone can develop many types of damage. From staining to mold to leaching efflorescence, all are caused by allowing water to penetrate the stone.


Without protection, vehicle exhaust, tree sap, fluid from leaking vehicles, and other environmental contaminants will adhere to stone surfaces. This collection of dust, dirt and oils causes unsightly stains on the building and walkways.


There are many types of mold and mildew, but no type will grow unless moisture is present. Sealing exterior building stone prevents water penetration and eliminates these green and black stains from forming on the architectural surface.


Efflorescence is a white, chalky substance that appears on exterior building stone when moisture in the stone is drawn to the surface and evaporates leaving salt deposits behind. These minerals can continue leaching down and also stain nearby glass, metal or other architectural materials. Protected masonry helps prevent stone as well as other building surfaces from needing future restoration.


If water is able to penetrate the building stone, it will begin to erode the bond that holds the masonry together. This is especially damaging during the winter months when the water freezes and expands, compromising the strength of the manufactured stone. The resulting cracks and separation of material components can lead to costly repairs.


If water is allowed to penetrate beyond the building masonry and reach the steel components that hold the building together, the steel will begin to rust. This issue, left unresolved, can lead to structural damage as well as further staining.

Architectural Stone Materials


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