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Our commercial waterproofing company specializes in protecting the exterior of commercial and residential med-rise and high-rise buildings. We cover all facade types, including balconies and windows, and service both new construction as well as buildings in need of restoration. We provide  a variety of complete waterproofing solutions.  Waterproofing your commercial building will protect it for years and put an end to leaks, stains, and more.

Our portfolio includes commercial buildings, condominiums, hotels, office buildings, entertainment facilities, and parking garages. Presto is trusted by building owners and property managers across the country to handle large-scale waterproofing projects. With unsurpassed warranties, we provide a durable and long-lasting solution that will keep your building protected for years to come. Contact us if your project budget is between $50K and $25M.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not service single-family residential homes, automobiles, furniture, appliances, small store fronts, or building interiors. And we are unable to provide referrals for these types of projects.

We’ll be in touch soon after receiving your request and look forward to helping with your building restoration needs. Thank you!