Metal Restoration



A building’s metal surfaces, like window frames or aluminum panels, can develop the same unsightly stains as seen on glass and stone.

Cleaning building metal in accordance with a manufacturer’s recommendations will typically only work to remove surface layer dirt. If panels or frames have been poorly maintained, this method will not be effective. Only metal restoration will bring back the original luster.

Presto technicians are trusted to remedy a wide range of metal surface issues through our extensive experience, broad knowledge, and proper technique. Coupled with the correct tools and equipment, Presto is known for successfully performing metal renewal services on commercial buildings across the country.

In addition to refinishing metal surfaces, we can help you with waterproofing services for commercial buildings and restoration services for historic buildings. We also offer complete building consultations


Exterior building metal is exposed to direct environmental pollution as well as various indirect contaminates. Window frames in particular may have many years of buildup since frames are not always treated to the same regular maintenance schedule as windows.


Dishwashing liquid used in improper window cleaning maintenance is often squeegee’d off the glass and pushed down to the metal window frames below. This mixture is left on the surface to dry and forms a sticky residue, which attracts environmental contaminants and causes a buildup of soap scum.

hard water stains

The high mineral content tap water used in improper window cleaning and nearby sprinkler systems can lead to metal stains. Restoring the surface with Presto products and techniques will remove stains and prevent them from developing in the future.


Precast, deteriorating caulking or coatings, as well as failed UV-sensitive, water repellent performance treatments will leach onto nearby metal and cause stubborn stains. The most apparent stain is when contaminants leach from adjacent rusting metals.

product overspray

When proper care is not taken to protect metal building components, overspray from waterproofing and painting projects adhere to the metal surface. If contractors are then asked to remove the overspray, this result can grow worse with scratched and damaged metal.


Extreme exposure to damaging elements can corrode the metal, especially anodized coatings. Instead of painting over window frames, which requires frequent and costly upkeep, Presto’s metal restoration techniques can return the anodized coating to its original luster and save the property money.

Architectural Metal Components


  • Galvanized aluminum