Historic Preservation



Some of the most highly regarded sights in the country are historic pieces of architecture. Preserving these structures requires an appreciation of art and a high level of craftsmanship.

Materials used on historic buildings are considerably different than what is used now. It is crucial to rely on experts in historic preservation to make repairs correctly. Without specific knowledge of the mortar, brick, stone and other materials used, contractors could cause further deterioration. Incorrect technique and incompatible cleaning and sealing products are the main cause of damage to historic buildings.

Presto’s goal is to restore and protect historic structures while preserving their heritage value. Historic preservation projects are complex and each one is unique. We work with your local regulatory agencies to ensure we adhere to their specific standards around preserving and protecting historic structures.

After determining the construction’s origin period, Presto’s expert masonry technicians perform comprehensive research, including an accurate analysis of the masonry & mortar composition and condition as well as product testing. Our historic restoration proposals provide a thorough recommendation of the correct services, techniques and products to recover and reveal the intended architectural design.

While putting the plan into practice, our craftsmanship maintains as much of the existing materials as possible while completing all necessary repairs. Whether your project requires window lintel repairs, exterior cleaning and sealing, brick & mortar repair, tuck pointing or wood replacement, Presto is the historic preservation contractor for the job.

In addition to preserving historic buildings, we also provide surface restoration services and waterproofing services for commercial buildings. We also offer complete building consultations.

Historic Masonry Restoration


  • Tuck pointing/repointing