Looking for commercial building restoration or waterproofing services in Florida?

Commercial buildings in Florida stand up to some of the harshest conditions seen in this country. Salt in the air, harsh sun and extreme weather have negative effects on the surface finish of all building materials whether it is stone, metal or glass. Extreme weather can also cause water intrusions that can lead to costly damage. Office buildings in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando have to have their window caulking and exterior coatings checked often. Stucco, a popular building material in Miami, needs to be cared for and can benefit greatly from an elastomeric coating.

Presto Restoration is the nation’s premier commercial building restoration company and has a track record of more than a quarter-century to prove it. Our team prides itself on providing the highest quality workmanship in a safe and professional manner while maintaining affordable prices. We utilize the latest and most innovative building restoration, cleaning and waterproofing product technologies.

Please note: Presto specializes in large, commercial multi-story buildings in need of restoration of glass, metal and stone, waterproofing or caulking. We do not do residential or small projects.


Remove stains, scratches, corrosion and other damage from the exterior of your commercial building. With industry leading protective products and services, you can extend the life of your building and keep it looking great for decades.


Repair and prevent damage caused by water intrusion. A water breach can compromise your building’s structural integrity and lead to costly repairs. Our durable caulking, coating and sealing solutions will prevent water intrusion and protect your building from the elements.


It takes a certain level of skill and artistry to perform historic building preservation services. Historic building materials are significantly different than what is used today, so special techniques are needed to prevent further damage and make repairs appear seamless.


Presto has completed several commercial building restoration and waterproofing projects in Florida. We are proud to share some of our impressive restoration projects in Florida cities.

Century Plaza

Lakeland, FL

Building Type: Office Building

Services: Caulking

The Sunshine State can be hard on commercial buildings, especially the caulking. Exterior caulking needs to be checked regularly and replaced once it starts to dry out.

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Technicians rappelling from the roof of The Ralph D. Turlington Florida Education Center in Tallahassee, FL

Turlington Building

Tallahassee, FL

Building Type: Commercial/Office

Services: Surface Restoration, Waterproofing

The Turlington Building needed a deep cleaning to remove stains from the alucobond metal panels that cover most of the facade. The high humidity that Florida experiences year-round caused mold growth that resulted in green stains all over the building. We were able to restore the original surface finish of the metal and glass exterior. We then applied a protective coating to keep the same issue from returning.

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Darden Headquarters

Orlando, FL

Building Type: Commercial/Office

Services: Glass and Stone Restoration & Protection, Caulking

The Darden company headquarters is located in Orlando. We were hired to refresh the building’s exterior and address water intrusion issues. The exterior of this building is mostly glass and concrete, which means there are plenty of opportunities for caulking to expire and fail. We recommend replacing caulking as soon as it starts to dry out.

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Florida Service Areas

Presto performs exterior building restoration & waterproofing services all throughout Florida. We proudly serve these Florida cities and their surrounding areas.

Fort Lauderdale

Pembroke Pines


Port St. Lucie


St. Petersburg





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