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Delaware, known as The First State, is a unique state with an interesting history. It only has three counties, is the sixth least populous state, but also the sixth most densely populated. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Maryland to the west and south. Thanks to its corporate laws, over half of the Fortune 500 are incorporated in Delaware. There are more corporations than people. The largest city is Wilmington, and the capital city is Dover. No professional sporting teams call Delaware home but there is a NASCAR track located in Dover that has hosted over 100 Cup Series races. Many people from neighboring states vacation in Rehoboth Beach, also known as “The Nation’s Summer Capital”. Presto has been helping commercial buildings, factories, apartment buildings and historic buildings look their best in the mid-Atlantic region for decades.

Presto Restoration is the nation’s premier commercial building restoration company and has a track record of more than a quarter-century to prove it. Our team prides itself on providing the highest quality workmanship in a safe and professional manner while maintaining affordable prices. We utilize the latest and most innovative building restoration, cleaning and waterproofing product technologies.

Please note: Presto specializes in large, commercial multi-story buildings in need of restoration of glass, metal and stone, waterproofing or caulking. We do not do residential or small projects.


Remove stains, scratches, corrosion and other damage from the exterior of your commercial building. With industry leading protective products and services, you can extend the life of your building and keep it looking great for decades.


Repair and prevent damage caused by water intrusion. A water breach can compromise your building’s structural integrity and lead to costly repairs. Our durable caulking, coating and sealing solutions will prevent water intrusion and protect your building from the elements.


It takes a certain level of skill and artistry to perform historic building preservation services. Historic building materials are significantly different than what is used today, so special techniques are needed to prevent further damage and make repairs appear seamless.


Presto has completed several commercial building restoration and waterproofing projects in the Northeast. We are proud to share some of our impressive restoration projects in nearby cities.

Caulking services protect concrete exterior and tenants of this office building in West Orange New Jersey

414 Eagle Rock Plaza

West Orange, NJ

Building Type: Office

Services: Waterproofing

Resealing the many gaps in the concrete exterior of this West Orange office building will extend its life and protect its tenants.

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MedStar Greensprings Wet-glazing services provided by Presto Restoration waterproofed commercial caulking services

MedStar Greensprings

Timonium, MD

Building Type: Commercial Office Building/Medical Building

Services: Waterproofing

The Medstar Greensprings medical office building in Timonium, Maryland had water leaking through its exterior glass envelope. Presto specializes in commercial building exterior waterproofing and successfully caulked the entire exterior of the building ensuring that it was watertight.

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Ross Park Mall retail space in Pittsburg, PA

Ross Park Mall Macy’s

Pittsburgh, PA

Building Type: Retail

Services: Building Restoration

The Macy’s building at the Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh was in need of a complete stone restoration. The façade appeared run down due to the accumulation of a significant amount of mold and mildew. Presto commercial building restoration experts took extra care when completing this project to not disrupt the mall patrons and keep everyone in the area safe. Our team transformed the building exterior in just three weeks. The customers and the store managers were impressed with our work and were pleased to see that the new exterior matched the level of refinement that is usually associated with Macy’s.

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Exterior repairs at Henry Charles Place in Bergen, NJ

Henry Charles Place

Bergen, NJ

Building Type: Residential

Services: Stone Restoration, Waterproofing

The Henry Charles Place building is a residential building located in North Bergen, New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. The stucco was beginning to crack and leak, so our client needed the building’s exterior restored and waterproofed. We fixed all the damage and protected the entire building with a waterproof elastomeric coating to prevent further problems.

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Presto waterproofing technicians using swing stage on B’nai B’rith Apartments, Allentown, PA

B’nai B’rith Apartments

Allentown, PA

Building Type: Residential

Services: Caulking, Painting, Repointing

This high-rise apartment complex in Allentown needed help with damaged bricks and water intrusions. As a leading commercial building restoration company, Presto had a proven system for addressing both issues. It only took us eight weeks to replace the failing caulking, repair the damaged brick and restore the exterior to a like-new condition. We then sealed both buildings in the complex to protect them from future damage.

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