Presto’s brick cleaning & sealing services will keep your brick building clean & sealed for protection against water intrusion & stains. Call today for a quote.

Brick Cleaning and Sealing Services Performed on Historic Building in Nashville Tennessee

Brick Cleaning and Sealing is Important to Your Commercial or Historic Structure

Proper brick cleaning and sealing services ensure the surface on your commercial building always looks its best and maintains its structural integrity. Presto Restoration provides exceptional brick restoration services that set us apart from other companies in the industry. For centuries, builders have been using bricks in masonry construction. Constant exposure to air pollution, humidity,…

GFRC Restoration Services performed by Presto

GFRC Restoration Services – How to Keep Your Building Looking Great

Presto Restoration provides GFRC restoration services to help maintain your building’s surface integrity by protecting it from water damage and leaching onto metal or glass panels. GFRC or glass fiber reinforced concrete panels are a popular exterior facade material used on many commercial buildings. Custom designed for specific applications, they’re available as wall and window…

Water droplets beading on architectural stone after protective sealant applied - Presto Restoration Products, Glass Defender HD

All You Need To Know About Elastomeric Coating Services

Commercial buildings are subject to considerable strain due to constant exposure to weather elements. Elastomeric coating services offer the best solutions for protecting the exterior of your building. These rubberized, durable coatings have powerful water-resistance effects. Rain, wind, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations all take a massive and inevitable toll on the structure. Water seepage…