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Glass high rise building

The 3 Keys to Success in Commercial Glass Stain Removal

If you want your commercial glass stain removal project to go smoothly and be long-lasting, there’s no skimping on these three keys to success. Skilled and Experienced Technicians Superior Products Preventative Forethought How Commercial Glass Stain Removal is Different High-rise glass stain removal services differ from ground-level glass restoration in a number of ways: When…

Commercial Window Stains

Stain, Stain, Stay Away: Getting to the Root of Commercial Window Stains

Removal of commercial window stains, especially for multi-story buildings, is generally more complex than removing residential glass stains. Aside from the obvious larger size and structural makeup of commercial buildings, the extent of damage and the cause of the stains is different. While some commercial window stain issues are inevitable, there are some that can…

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How to Remove Glass Scratches, Stains & Streaks on Your Building’s Windows

Architectural glass has been one of the most desirable and utilized building materials in the world for centuries because of its transparency. When the transparency is compromised by scratches, stains and streaks, it’s time to consider glass restoration. The presence of imperfections on your building’s window glass not only obstructs your view of the outside…